Fixed Fenders System

  • Super Cell Marine Fenders
    Super Cell Rubber Fenders have an efficient and simple geometry which is well proven, tried and tested. And it’s one kind high performance rubber fenders. It’s molded into a cylindrical shape. Super Cell fenders provide good energy capability. The circular design and circular mounting base make this an extremely stable fender especially where extreme berthing movements may be present.
  • Super Cone Rubber Fenders
    Super Cones Rubber Fenders are the latest generation of 'cell' fender, with optimal performance and efficiency. The conical body shape makes the cell fenders very stable even at large compression angles, and provides excellent shear strength. With optional overload stops the Super Cone is even more resistant to over-compression.
  • Super Arch Marine Fenders
    Super Arch rubber fenders (SAN) are tough and reliable, simple and long lasting, providing trouble-free service for a wide variety of berthing even under the most severe conditions. Super Arch rubber fender has the better stability and stronger attachment to the supporting structure than the traditional arch /v rubber fenders.
  • Cylindrical Dock Fenders
    Cylindrical Rubber Fender is one kind very popular fender because it’s simple to install and operate, versatile and highly cost effective. Cylindrical fenders’ simple hollow cylinder design can be produced in almost any length and diameter combination to meet specific performance and space requirements. The wide range of available sizes means Cylindrical fenders can be closely matched to each application, and suitable for the berthing of both large and small vessels. Its installation is various– horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can also be adapted to suit wharf corners.
  • D Type Marine Fenders
    Small size of fender bottom and a line of erection bolt is particularly suitable for frame type wharf and shore protection of wharf. It is easy to install and replace. Energy absorption of rubber per ton is high, but reaction force is relatively too high (Compress fender has the lowest energy absorption for reaction force per unit.)
  • Wing-D Rubber Fenders
    Wing-D type rubber fenders is developed based on the D type fenders. The D type rubber fenders is anchored in the middle. This design make it easy to break away. For the Wing-D type rubber fenders, the steel panel is built into the fender’s body, and two lines bigger anchor are used. As a result, the anchoring capacity is better.
  • Leg Marine Rubber Fenders
    Leg Rubber Fenders are modular units with an advanced geometry that combines high performance with an adaptable design. Leg rubber fenders system is the pair(s) Leg Fenders with steel panels and UHMW-PE face pads. Leg rubber fenders can be assembled with many methods, vertical or horizontal mounting of units ensures optimum energy and low reaction.
  • π Type Rubber Fenders
    π type rubber fenders is one kind modular fender. π rubber fenders system was made of this type fender, the frontal panel and UHMW-PE pad. This type fenders have a highly efficient geometry, providing high energy absorption with a low reaction force. The can be mounded horizontally or vertically and combined with panels.
  • Dock Corner Rubber Fenders
    Dock Corner Rubber Fenders can be made by Super Arch Rubber Fenders or D Rubber Fenders. Dock Corner are widely used for the jetty pier and marginal-type wharf for the production of vessel and quay. Dock Corner fender work on the same principles as the Super Arch Rubber Fenders or D Rubber Fenders. It’s simple and easy for installation.
  • Roller Fenders
    Roller Fenders are commonly used on the berth corners and dock entrances, also widely installed along the walls of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide vessels and prevent hull damage.
  • Plastic Fenders
    Plastic Fender is made of Polyethylene (or Polypropylene) resin, recycled polyethylene (or polypropylene) resin. It can be used for the dock guard, piling, railway sleeper and sea-raising enclosure etc for substitution of timber and steel piles. The core attributes of plastic fenders are high strength, erosion-proof, aging proof, long service time and easy for installation etc, now it become applicable in more and more area.
  • Dock Water Prevention Belt
    Dock Water Prevention Belts have the wing-type cross section. It was widely used for the dock, boatyard to prevent the water from the outside. The installation and change is very easy.
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